Januray 2020- Incredible start to the year.

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What a magnificent start to 2020. We have a well deserved little break over the Christmas Holidays but were back on-site in January.

Jorgensens had an incredible year last year, securing a nice big pipeline of work projects for 2020. So much so, we are almost struggling to fit all the work into the year. Not a bad problem to have, and we don’t take on more than we can handle. We like our reputation as a builder who hands over high-quality construction, to rush or handover anything less, would be un-Jorgensens of us.

We work with many other commercial contractors and it’s a harmonious relationship and each contractor has a pivotal part to play, to rush us, is to rush them and we choose not to succumb to that sort of pressure.

So what have we been up to in January? Well, check out how “The Nest Early Education of Excellence” construction is coming along. Nothing more beautiful than a well-constructed podium.


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