construction progress for Brisbane Childcare Centre by Jorgensens Builders
Construction of childcare centre in Collingwood Park.


Childcare Centre Construction | Collingwood Park

Childcare Centre Operator/Client: Imagine Early Education

Location: 62 Cooper Drive, Collingwood Park

Construction commenced: March 2021. Completed by: October 2021

Having completed projects for this childcare centre operator in the past, we have once again teamed up with Imagine Early Education to construct their newly anticipated centre at Collingwood Park, Brisbane.

3538m2 site

954m2 Building

42 Carparking spaces

Onsite “Ocean protect” stormwater filtration system

Jorgensens Commercial Builders have already begun works on the construction having completed site works along with some civil drainage.


  • Works also include the full installation of plumbing and all of childcare centre in Collingwood Park
  • Formwork and concrete work and extensive concrete cutting.
  • Fully airconditioned
  • High quality, turn-key finish
  • All landscaping
  • Multiple playscapes

A little history on Collingwood park

The suburb was named and bounded on 28 August 1982.[2]

Throughout the 1980s, Collingwood Park was marketed as, “The Dress Circle Suburb of Ipswich”. The suburb’s name implied a “leafy” residential area which differentiated it from nearby Redbank[2]

The childcare centre will be a welcome addition to the suburb as it can serve as a stepping stone into the two primary schools that are close by.

Jorgensens Builders began the planning design and construction with the project being handover as per scheduled – October 2021.

By April, a month after the construction project first began, quite a fair bit of work took place despite the relentless rain the Brisbane area received.  Auguring bore piers, pouring of the bored piers for the flooring system, retaining walls were almost complete and storm and water filtration tanks were installed.

By October, it was all hands on deck with the Painting was complete, decking had been installed, the playground is coming along well considering all the rain we have had.

The carpark has been line-marked, fencing complete, cabinets and plumbing installed and the lights/fans and floor coverings are nearing completion.

The painters have really put in a huge effort, shout out to Cass and the team from Spruce it Up!

Also, Next Level cabinets have done a great job.

We really are building for the future with all our childcare projects, making sure that value, innovation & quality are at the forefront of every construction.

The centre was handed over without delay in October 2021 and it was officially open and trading not long after. The centre boasts all the latest innovations that Jorgensens have earned their reputation for. Its high-end construction from outside in and everything from the full-sized kitchen to the foyer, the playscapes and the landscaping has been meticulously designed and constructed.

Built to last and built to impress.

Construction Videos | Watch The Progress

Latest construction footage. Not long until hand over




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Childcare Centre Construction

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