Happy Hearts Childcare Centre , Flagstone

New Childcare Centre Construction | Flagstone

Client :  Happy Hearts Child Care

Location : Flagstone, QLD

Welcome to the unveiling of our latest venture, a remarkable project that is sure to warm the hearts of our little ones. As we embark on this exciting journey, we are pleased to share some key details about the Happy Hearts Childcare Centre, where joy and learning come together seamlessly. Jorgensens commenced this project in November 2023 and it is a second project for this client.

Project Overview

Return Client: Happy Hearts Childcare.

We’re thrilled to welcome back our esteemed client, Happy Hearts, for another collaborative endeavor. Their return speaks volumes about the trust they place in our ability to create enriching environments for children.

Site Dimensions

  • Site Area: Spanning across 6282m2, the Happy Hearts Childcare Centre is situated on a generously sized plot, providing ample space for little explorers.
  • CCC (Childcare Centre) Area: The heart of our project boasts a Childcare Centre with a sprawling 1280m2, carefully designed to cater to the diverse needs of our young learners.

Capacity and Specialised Spaces

  • 181 Places: Happy Hearts is envisioned as a haven for 181 children, including 151 spaces for long day care and an additional 30 spaces for after-hours school care.
  • Activity Rooms: Within the 181-place centre, we have created nine vibrant activity rooms, each tailored to inspire and engage young minds. Dedicated art rooms and a spacious dining hall further enhance the overall experience.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

  • Concrete Carpark: Spanning an impressive 1750m2, our concrete carpark is more than just a space for vehicles. It’s a thoughtfully designed area that provides 45 dedicated carparks, ensuring smooth drop-offs and pickups for parents and caregivers.

Architectural Brilliance

  • Designed by ALTO Architects: The creative vision behind the Happy Hearts Childcare Centre comes to life through the expertise of ALTO Architects. Their innovative design ensures a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Collaboration and Approvals

At Jorgensens, collaboration is key. We’ve worked closely with Happy Hearts and project consultants to navigate the complexities of gaining building approval. Our commitment to a seamless process ensures that every detail aligns with the vision of this exceptional childcare centre.

As we continue to bring this vision to fruition, we invite you to stay tuned for regular updates on the progress of the Happy Hearts Childcare Centre. We’re excited to share this journey with you!

For any inquiries or additional information, please feel free to reach out.

Value, innovation & quality are at the forefront of every construction, whether a brand-new construction or a renovation and Jorgensens will again deliver a high-level finish.

Jorgensens – Built to last and built to impress.

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