Qld has the toughest building codes in the Nation.

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To be a long-standing successful commercial builder in Queensland is quite an achievement. More than any other state in Australia, Qld has the strongest, most comprehensive building regulations in place.

Jorgensens Design & Build as well as many others, don’t find this threatening or painstaking. In fact, we throw our full support behind the stringent regulations. We have mentioned before, that “we build to impress and build to last”. What might seem like a catchphrase is however a subtle nod to these tight regulations and codes.  Jorgensen’s don’t cut corners. We invest in the best so that we can do our best. Everything from training, to project management, to construction and handover. Our main goal is always safety and quality.

Safety is paramount at every stage of build and safety does not end at handover. Our construction is nothing short of safe and you can trust Jorgensens to get the job done right and to a high level of standard that we uphold in the community.  Servicing the South East Qld for over 20 years, we are yet to handover anything but quality construction.

To read more about the tight regulations we are governed under, read more from Master Builders QLD here. 

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